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In a long project, you have to celebrate simple things – like finally having a roof on the house after two years! No more rain inside or heat escaping, thanks to proper insulation boards made in Switzerland. The boards are made of wood fibre, and they are 20 centimetres thick.

The roof is built by hand. Timbers are lifted to the roof one by one, with the assistance of several men. One end of each beam is placed on top of the ridge beam as a joist, while the other end is bedded in the longitudinal wall. A layer of planks is laid on top the beams, which is then covered with a new set of beams, roof insulation and waterproofing. Traditionally, roofs have not been insulated at all; roof tiles have been installed directly on battens. No wonder it’s been cold in the winter and gas consumption has been high.

Energy efficiency is a top priority for us in other respects as well, and we pay attention to the insulation of the walls, windows, roofs and doors. The whole house will be faced with an insulating material which should significantly lower annual heating costs. This is also encouraged by the government: all energy-saving solutions make us eligible for substantial tax allowances. They can add up to thousands of euros every year.

We’re going to install both solar panels and solar collectors on the roof. The former will generate electricity for the geothermal heat pump and other equipment, while the latter will have water circulating through them, to be heated by the sun and used to heat the floors, swimming pool and domestic water.




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