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Barolo Collectors’ Cellar – Full service for wine lovers


I have been actively collecting and showing an interest in wines for more than 20 years and always found it challenging to find the correct vintage, producer and type of wine during my trips to wine countries wherever I have been travelling.

Not because of a lack of knowledge, but because it si difficult to combine it all: visiting the perfect producers, understanding vintages, participating in tastings and worrying about transportation, how many bottles I could take with me, how to ship the wine, how to sort out the required paperwork, and so on.

Even if I had a cellar in my house, which I always had. But why should I have all the wines in my house? Wouldn’t it be enough to know that they exist and I can enjoy them when they are ready to drink? Especially wines that will take 10+ years to mature.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Challenging to find a neutral opinion about which Barolo wines to choose for ageing?
  • How can I get in touch with local experts who can assist me in selecting the right vintage or producer?
  • When I find a perfect wine to store, where can I put it if I do not have a cellar of my own?
  • Who could assist me to purchase a correct wine as a present for my grandchild?
  • Where can I find an authentic place for holding private events and tasting my own wines?

All in all, investing in good Italian Barolo wines is interesting, but it feels all too complicated.  If you have considered the above points, we could have something in common.

We are currently developing Barolo Collectors’ Cellar – a membership-based community focusing on Italian Barolo wines.

Barolo Collectors’ Cellar in a nutshell:

  • Members are entitled to enjoy special hospitality and the facilities of Guest House Visette
  • Visette has a perfect wine cellar with controlled and managed conditions for storing local Barolos, Nebbiolos, Barbarescos and Barberas
  • Each member of the Barolo Collectors’ Cellar will have access to a private space for storing wines, holding tastings and cooking events, or simply spending time and relaxing
  • Each member determines their yearly budget – what to spend in building up their collection – and the ‘Cellar Keeper’ will make recommendations for what to purchase each year
  • We provide you an ‘online access’, allowing each member to virtually visit the cellar any time
  • You will get recommendations for what to buy, what to store and for how long, and what to ship home when needed
  • Membership fee is €980/year and it includes the services above plus: storage space of 48 bottles – additional space upon request and long weekend in basic suite (three nights)

Drop us an email and join our mailing list and inquire personalised proposal for your needs! petteri@visette.it, or visit us on Facebook and share your interest.

-Petteri Laine, Casa Visette

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