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The opening of Casa Visette is nearing at an alarming speed. Alarming, because matters and decisions can no longer be postponed for weeks, everything has to be done here and now.

Workmen are bustling around the house daily like ants in their anthill: we have painters, layers, electricians, gardeners. They all have a pile of questions when we arrive at the house. It’s understandable. Now we should have taken months off from our actual jobs and just remain at the house deciding on all the small details. So we’re not there. We have to trust our magnificent workmen. Up to now, their decisions have been stylish, thus we’re in good hands.

We spent the children’s winter holiday week in Monforte d`Alba and a few days skiing in Sestriere. On the example day at the house, we decided on the wall colours, tennis court surface and the faucets and sinks in the toilets and bathrooms. After such rigmarole of decisions, one is quite wiped out and barely has the energy to drag oneself out for a drink at the town bar.

Therefore, a few days of skiing was in order. It takes a few hours to drive to Sestriere from our house. There are also other ski centres in the vicinity, as the area is extensive. The sun was shining, and I forgot about the renovation worries for a while.

img_0740 I’m choosing faucets in the courtyard

sestrier  Clearing our heads in Sestriere.

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