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Everything in the house is old, from every corner of the found old tools, logs, wine barrels and original wooden doors. The oldest part ot the house is probably few hundred years ago, no-one really knows. Some of the old goods transferred directly to the landfill. At the same time we were trying to save on everything worth saving. In particular, we are attracted by a recycling of old timber structures and slabs. We dismantled, for example, the old oak wine barrels into boards, which final use will be decided during the project.


We wanted to use old materials as much as possible, as they exude the history of the house and create a place of permanence during the turmoil the house is facing.


Rossi brothers – our geometra and his brother, who takes care of the construction – saw at once what we were aiming at. The yard was piled into neat stacks, old tiles, used bricks, logs and old iron window frames. From there, they picked up little by little to be used in different interior design ideas.  The level of handicraft is really high. In particular masonry as most of the original roof tiles and stones and bricks will be re-used. This gives the original feeling of the Visette as the house has been in the good old days! 


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